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Screamer Telecoms has 3 major business divisions specialising in the Telecoms Business environment. All of the divisions work as one to provide a comprehensive service to both Service Providers as well as OEM’s and our range of Technical expertise across the 3 divisions provides an all-encompassing level of knowledge under one roof.

Screamer is a Level 2 BEE certified company under the NEW 2017 evaluation regime. Our BEE certificate is available here.

Screamer is a profitable and stable company with Tax Clearance Certificates available here.

Telecommunications Equipment Repairs

Screamer has been repairing Telecoms equipment for 17 years and is the largest repairer of its kind in Africa and the second largest in the world. Screamer repairs most types of telecommunications equipment and does not require the blessing of the OEM’s to repair this equipment because of our advanced R&D dept.

Service Providers love us because we allow them to extend the useful life of their equipment past the obsoleted date announced by the OEM’s. Our prices are also generally 30% to 50% of that charged by the OEM’s. Read more about this service here.

Tier One Telecommunications infrastructure and Service Provider

Screamer Telecoms has its own full blown Telecommunications licence and carrier grade network as well as licence agreements with all the major networking and Telecommunication providers and technologies to make sure that you have a full offering of products to choose from when designing your network.

Choosing the right connections and supplier for your network and telecommunication requirements can be bewildering with the plethora of technologies available. Even more frustrating is trying to work out what the problem is when something isn’t working as it should be.

Screamer Telecommunications Managed Services removes the headache from your telecommunications network by designing the right network for you and then managing it to ensure that you get what you expect and ensures you don’t pay for something you aren’t receiving.

Our data centre is Tier 4 certified which offers a 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement which makes it one of the most advanced in the country.

Screamer operates a National Network Operating and Monitoring Centre at its head office in Centurion that watches your network around the clock and lets you know about a problem before you notice it. If it is a problem on our network we will have it resolved within 15 minutes or have a team on site within 2 hours.

Screamer has designed and installed the networks for some of the leading industrial companies in South Africa and our Engineers are eager to discuss what you would like your network to do for you! Click here and one of our Engineers will call you right back or simply start a chat with them on the right.

Telecommunications Spare Parts and Inventory Management System

Screamer has a state of the art serial number tracking software package that tracks our customers’ product across multiple warehouses across South Africa as well as providing comprehensive usage, issue, return and timing information.

Our warehouses are highly secure and are able to issue directly to field technicians. We also provide same day deliveries to the areas surrounding the warehouses and overnight courier services to our other warehouses. Our SPMS has been expanded to service most range of industries that require 24hour spare part availability that is also able to issue across the counter to field technicians. You will be surprised how well priced our advanced services are.


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