Screamer Telecommunication’s is a specialist Corporate Telecommunication’s and infrastructure Managed Services provider but has often provided residential connections to the executives and staff of its clients that require high speed and quality links.

There are lots of opinions about what type of internet is the best and what to use and why. The most popular “broadband” service for residential subscribers is DSL ( digital subscriber line). DSL uses the existing copper telephone line infrastructure. In essence DSL is a technology “retro-fitted” onto an old standby technology, usually it is the cheapest and is a distance sensitive product, meaning that the farther you are from the local phone companies central office building the less effective it will be and is based on the quality and age of the copper the service is transmitted on.

Screamer Telecoms has some of the most competitive DSL packages and agreements for residential customers requiring a “Best Effort” Service, however we also own a state of the art carrier grade network with dedicated dedicated bandwidth and one on one service staff for those customers who demand a more stable and reliable network. Therefore the choice is yours and we would suggest our Wireless service for areas where quality managed services are important, dedicated bandwidth is crucial, where there is no ADSL infrastructure and where you don’t want to deal with a cumbersome National Operator and if general stability and uptime is a problem in your area. Screamer will tailor make a solution that fits your requirements and has dedicated teams that will come to your premises when in need within hours of a fault being reported.


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